Innovationsscheck 2024: Funding for SME & Science Collaboration

21.06.2024, 08:04 Uhr

Ready to dive into the world of research and development? Or are you researching future topics and want to benefit from the expertise of a research institution? With the Innovation Voucher, this is always possible for SMEs.

The Innovationsscheck (translated with Innovation Voucher) offers SMEs an attractive grant of up to 10,000 EUR for projects realized in collaboration with scientific partners. Funding is available for the creation of prototypes, idea studies, and preparatory work for research, development, and innovation projects.

Scientific partners can include universities, universities of applied sciences, and non-university research institutions. Potential knowledge providers can be found in the research partner database or in our technology partner overview.

The FFG handles the Innovationsscheck on behalf of the BMK and BMAW. A total budget of 6 million EUR is available for the years 2024 to 2026.

The Innovation Voucher at a Glance:

  • The funding rate is a maximum of 80% of eligible project costs. Companies must cover 20% of the project costs as a self-financing portion. For funding of 10,000 EUR, eligible project costs of 12,500 EUR are required. Costs below 12,500 EUR are supported proportionally (funding rate maximum 80%).
  • Submission is continuously possible via eCall.
  • The funding is open to all research topics, technologies, and industries, with a focus on future-oriented themes such as environment and climate, digitalization and artificial intelligence, mobility transition, energy transition, and circular economy.

What is Funded?

The following services can be funded with the Innovation Voucher:

  • Research-based idea studies (e.g., concept developments, thematic and technological open or non-technological preliminary and accompanying studies, preliminary work for technological problem solutions) as well as research work for the implementation of innovative ideas.
  • Preparatory work for a research, development, and innovation project (including analyses of the completeness of technical solutions and their elaboration).
  • Development of novel algorithms and methods.
  • Preparation and initiation of patentable developments.
  • Support in prototype development (e.g., scientific support in conducting function tests and subsequent optimization work).
  • Concepts for technical innovation management (proof-of-concept).

Combining the ongoing Impact Innovation funding offer with the Innovation Voucher can bring benefits. Results from fundable services such as idea studies and concept developments, work in the field of innovation management, and preparatory work for R&D projects can be cleverly incorporated into the Impact Innovation application.

Photo (c) Alexandra Folie, WISTO