Support for your innovation project

21.12.2020, 07:20 Uhr

Wether you are searching for suitable cooperation partners, are planning to found your own business or applying for funding - WISTO offers information, consulting and orientation in the area of grants, expansions, intellectual property rights, technology transfers, start-ups, business settlements and more.

Beratungsgespräch WISTO (c) studioWälder

If some of the following questions apply to you, we might be the right partner for you:

  • You have a good idea and want to develop a business model?
  • You are developing new technical products or processes?
  • You want to test technical feasibility of your products?
  • You want to develop prototypes or transfer products into production?
  • You want to protect your developments or implement them with the right partners?
  • You lack the financing for a high-risk development?
  • You are looking for access to top international research?
  • You have a novel product idea and want to protect it from your competitors?
  • You are at the beginning of an innovation project and have questions about the state of the art technology?
  • You are looking for access to professional IPR consulting services?

With our extensive networks and longstanding experience we can be a valuable asset for your innovation projects. Be it as a sparring partner when submitting for funding, writing a business plan, or searching for suitable cooperation partners.

(c) studioWälder