Location Marketing

WISTO is responsible for the regional, national and international promotion of Vorarlberg as a business location. In addition, WISTO handles the management and operational implementation of the "Marke Vorarlberg".

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Location Promotion

Vorarlberg is among the economically strongest, most innovative and export-oriented regions in Europe. However, due to its small size and the strong neighboring regions, there is little awareness of this economic capacity. Therefore, WISTO communicates in regional, national and international media about the business location Vorarlberg and thus creates awareness of the economic attractiveness of the location. The scope of activities includes:

  • Communicating topics relevant to the location
  • Raising awareness of the strengths and challenges of the local economy
  • Preparing statistics and relevant advertising material
  • Organising events, outings and lectures
  • Supping activities and events to promote the business location
  • Designing photo series
  • Targeted press and public relations work

Marke Vorarlberg

WISTO implements the Marke Vorarlberg on behalf of the State of Vorarlberg. This includes the following areas:

  • Brand management
  • Brand communication
  • Coordinating implementation
  • Establishing a service area

Here you can find details about the Marke Vorarlberg.

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