Marke Vorarlberg

"In 2035 Vorarlberg will be the most promising place to live for children". This vision is the common goal of many partners involved in the development process of the "Marke Vorarlberg".

In 2017, the Vorarlberg state government decided to develop a location brand. The aim was to strengthen the public’s sense of community and identity and to define common values.

A project team consisting of 30 members of visionaries and experts from different areas worked out the core elements of the Marke Vorarlberg in 2018, involving the population in the process through online surveys and workshops. At a joint “creative day” in 2019, about 120 innovative minds designed a new logo or rather a corporate design.  The different teams evaluated each other and selected the five finalists.

Since 2020, many partnerships have been formed, strong networks and several successful projects were launched.

Marke Vorarlberg is managed by the Vorarlberg state government, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Labor and the Vorarlberg Federation of Industry. It is financed by the state of Vorarlberg.

WISTO has been coordinating the Vorarlberg brand since 2019.

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