New innovation network: “Circular Economy Vorarlberg”

29.07.2022, 09:17 Uhr

The green transformation of the European economy has long since begun. This challenges existing business models, but also presents new opportunities in international markets. The new innovation network "Circular Economy Vorarlberg" (CEV) informs and supports local businesses in all aspects of the circular or green economy.

Offer for businesses in Vorarlberg

  • Funding news
  • Events and workshops on circular economy strategies of the EU and the federal government
  • Explorations to technical hot spots of the green economy
  • Practice-oriented workshops
  • Innovation challenges
  • Research projects, involvement of scientific partners
  • Further training opportunities of employees at the Green Campus


The “Circular Economy Vorarlberg” initiative makes a significant contribution to raising awareness for a sustainable and largely circular economy. By initiating innovative projects, R&D and qualification offerings as well as an international network expansion on the topic, a positive momentum for a green economy in Vorarlberg is created. The numerous and often voluntary efforts of local businesses are actively supported and brought to the forefront.

CEV Vision

Vorarlberg has (2035) a booming economy with many innovative companies that contribute significantly to the prosperity of its population and to sustainable transformation through their products, services and business models. Especially in the areas of digitization and green economy, Vorarlberg stands out as a model region.


For the biggest possible range and sustainable impact, the Circular Economy Network Vorarlberg is being set up in a broad alliance of the State of Vorarlberg, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, the Vorarlberg Federation of Industry, the Green Campus of the AK Vorarlberg, Platform V and V-Research GmbH under the coordination of Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH (WISTO) in order to bundle the activities under one roof.

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