Long Night of Research 2024

Austria’s largest science event shows, what research and science in Vorarlberg is able to do!

Date & Time: Friday, 24th May 2024, 17.00-23.00
Locations: different locations in Dornbirn and Lustenau, e. g. inatura, FHV – University of Applied Sciences, Doppelmayr Ropeway Training Center

Information for Visitors

At the Long Night of Research you can experience technologies, science and research live. By attending experiments, lectures and demonstrations you get to know different subjects and answer research questions. And the best: Researchers are here for your questions and explain their work and projects at eye level for beginners and experts. Hence you can experience, what you have seen in TV, read in books, learned in school or seen in the Internet.

The event will take place from 5 to 11 pm at different locations troughout Dornbirn and Lustenau. Attendence is free and the research subjects range from nature sciences to digitalisation to envirionment, energy and culture. The LNF24 is organised for kids, teens and adults.

Getting to the LNF24 is easy and free. All Locations are connected by shuttle buses that also drive by the train station in Dornbirn.

The program is actually being prepared and will be online in February 2024.

Information for Researchers

If you have exciting subjects, questions or ideas, you want to show at LNF24,please contact Belinda Konzett (, 05572 552 52 25) for more information about attending LNF24 as exhibitor.

  • The research questions have to be handed in in January 2024.
  • There will probably also be a Pecha Kucha Night, where you can also hold a lecture about a topic, your research question, ideas or projects

Information for Sponsors

The Long Night of Research can only be organised for free thanks to generous sponsors. If you want to support the event and our main goal – to inspire kids, teens and adults for science and research – please contact Alexandra Giesinger (, 05572 552 52 12) for sponsorship options.

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