Patent Consultation

At our monthly Patent Consultation Day patent attorney Dr. Ralf Hofmann or Dr. Thomas Fechner inform in personal and confidential meetings about patent law, brand registration, utility patents and other trade mark rights.

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Upoming Dates

  • Tuesday, July 2nd | 4-6 pm
  • Thursday, September 12th | 4-6 pm
  • Tuesday, October 15th | 4-6 pm
  • Thursday, November 14th | 4-6 pm
  • Tuesday, December 17th | 4-6 pm


Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH (WISTO)
CAMPUS V, Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1 (3rd floor)
6850 Dornbirn

Parking is available outside the building.

More Information

Find information about the protection of innovations also at or contact our patent consultant, Tina Blaser.

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