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The fulfillment of sustainability requirements is becoming a mandatory topic for all companies. WISTO supports SMEs with a free ESG sustainability check.

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Durable environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria about your company are getting more and more important. In order to prepare your company, we offer a free ESG Sustainability Check.

Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG) Standards with high relevance for SME

Companies of all sizes are confronted with new paramenters, that are essential for future financing options, market success and the business development overall. Examples are:

  • EU Green Deal
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • EU Taxonomy
  • EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

On the one hand the pressure towards companies is increasing, on the other hand these developments are also chances to differentiate and gain competitive advantages in the market. Transparency will increase brand value and therefore success.

In order to prepare your company, evaluate chances and potentials, we offer an ESG Sustainablity Check for free. 


The ESG Sustainability Check consists of two parts and starts with an extensive online interview with 2-3 people of the company’s management team. This Interview illuminates the company’s maturity level when it comes to sustainability criteria like ecology, social and management. It is not necessary to prepare for this interview.

The second part of the check is realised two weeks later with a comprehensive feedback conversation. We will show you, the evaluation of your company’s ESG status quo and hand you a written and graphic summary of all results for potential talks with your customers, suppliers, investors etc. After that you will know, what to look after, what is relevant and makes sense.


  • Identify your ESG Readiness and your individual need for action

Target Group

  • SME

How does the check work?

It is a two stage assessment, consisting of:

  • an Online Interview (Duration max. 2 h),
  • reworking of the contents by WISTO and
  • a Feedback Presentation at your site  (Duration ca. 2 h).

The ESG Sustainability Check is free of charge.

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