CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG is an initiative that aims at meeting the regional need for qualified technical professionals in a sustainable way and consequently strengthen the local economy. By raising awareness of Vorarlberg's strong economy, leading companies and attractive career opportunities, skilled workers are to be motivated to work in the region.

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Project Contents (extract)

  • Attendance of national and international career fairs – together with Vorarlberg’s companies
  • Organisation of networking events for Vorarlberg’s students to meet with HR managers
  • Initiation of strategic activities to raise interest in children, students and residents for the local economy, technology and innovation
  • Providing target group specific information material
  • Use of relevant communication channels and knowledge transfer
  • Ongoing exchange with local companies to identify their needs and provide targeted support

More Information

The initiative is open to all Vorarlberg companies that are looking for tertiary educated, technical specialists.

Contact Angelina Schloß ( for more information about the initiative CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG, its activities and the possibilities to attend.


Please find more information about the initiative on the CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG website.

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